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tuple() -> empty tuple
tuple(iterable) -> tuple initialized from iterable's items

If the argument is a tuple, the return value is the same object.

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/web/url.py   circuits(Download)
    from urlparse import urljoin, urlparse, urlunparse  # NOQA
from circuits.six import b, string_types, text_type
# Come codes that we'll need

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/io/file.py   circuits(Download)
from circuits.core import handler, Component, Event
from circuits.core.pollers import BasePoller, Poller
from circuits.six import binary_type, string_types, PY3
from .events import close, closed, eof, error, opened, read, ready

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/web/parsers/querystring.py   circuits(Download)
from circuits.six import iteritems, string_types

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/io/serial.py   circuits(Download)
from circuits.core.utils import findcmp
from circuits.tools import tryimport
from circuits.six import binary_type, string_types
from .events import closed, error, opened, read, ready, close

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/web/loggers.py   circuits(Download)
from email._parseaddr import _monthnames
from circuits.six import string_types
from circuits.core import handler, BaseComponent

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/protocols/websocket.py   circuits(Download)
import random
from circuits.six import string_types
from circuits.core.handlers import handler
from circuits.core.components import BaseComponent