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        def process(request, params):
    ctype = request.headers.get("Content-Type")
    if not ctype:

    mtype, mencoding = ctype.split("/", 1) if "/" in ctype else (ctype, None)
    mencoding, extra = parse_header(mencoding)

    charset = extra.get("charset", "utf-8")

    if mtype == "multipart":
        process_multipart(request, params)
    elif mtype == "application" and mencoding == "x-www-form-urlencoded":
        process_urlencoded(request, params, encoding=charset)

src/c/i/circuits-3.0.0.dev/circuits/web/dispatchers/dispatcher.py   circuits(Download)
from circuits.web.events import response
from circuits.web.errors import httperror
from circuits.web.processors import process
from circuits.web.controllers import BaseController
        if name is not None and channel is not None:
            event.kwargs = parse_qs(req.qs)
            process(req, event.kwargs)
            if vpath: