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src/s/a/sahriswiki-0.8.1/sahriswiki/storage.py   sahriswiki(Download)
from mercurial.node import short
from circuits.web.utils import url_quote, url_unquote
from i18n import _
    def _title_to_file(self, title):
        title = unicode(title).strip()
        filename = url_quote(title, safe='')
        # Escape special windows filenames and dot files
        _windows_device_files = ('CON', 'AUX', 'COM1', 'COM2', 'COM3',
    def _title_to_file(self, title):
        """Modified escaping allowing (some) slashes and spaces."""
        title = unicode(title).strip()
        escaped = url_quote(title, safe='/ ')