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Superclass for classes that want to wrap around trafikanten while
providing caching. This class should not be instantiated directly, it
will not work.
Subclasses need to implement four methods:
- _get_cached_search(search_term): returns the cached data, or None if not
    in cache (or cache has expired)
- _cache_search(search_term, data): saves the data for search_term to the
- _get_cached_realtime: same as _get_cached_search for realtime data
- _cache_realtime: same as _cache_search for realtime data(more...)

src/t/r/trafikanten-0.2/trafikanten/__init__.py   trafikanten(Download)
from .api import find_station, get_realtime
from .classes import CachingTrafikanten, FileCacheTrafikanten, MemoryCacheTrafikanten