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A Storage object is like a dictionary except `obj.foo` can be used
instead of `obj['foo']`. Create one by doing `storage({'a':1})`.

src/c/i/cifit-0.4.post5-19272271c92e-20110127/cifitlib/procs.py   cifit(Download)
import re
from files import run
from classes import Storage, classes
import logging

src/c/o/Cockerel-HEAD/cockerel/webapp/classes/__init__.py   Cockerel(Download)
from .classes import classes
__all__ = ['classes']

src/c/o/Cockerel-HEAD/cockerel/webapp/__init__.py   Cockerel(Download)
from admin import admin
from frontend import frontend
from classes import classes
from lessons import lessons
from prover import prover

src/p/r/Predicting-Code-Popularity-HEAD/summarize_feature_data.py   Predicting-Code-Popularity(Download)
import numpy as np
from classes import classes
from models import Repo

src/p/r/Predicting-Code-Popularity-HEAD/plot_features.py   Predicting-Code-Popularity(Download)
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from classes import classes
from models import Repo