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src/c/l/cloudbase-init-HEAD/cloudbaseinit/osutils/windows.py   cloudbase-init(Download)
        (out, err, ret_val) = self.execute_process(args)
        if not ret_val:
            self._set_user_password_expiration(username, password_expires)
                '/syncfromflags:manual', '/update']
        (out, err, ret_val) = self.execute_process(args, False)
        if ret_val:
            raise Exception('w32tm failed to configure NTP.\n'
    def add_static_route(self, destination, mask, next_hop, interface_index,
        args = ['ROUTE', 'ADD', destination, 'MASK', mask, next_hop]
        (out, err, ret_val) = self.execute_process(args)
        # Cannot use the return value to determine the outcome
                '-NonInteractive', '-File', script_path]
        return self.execute_process(args, False)