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src/c/c/ccc-gistemp-0.6.1/CCCgistemp/tool/multi.py   ccc-gistemp(Download)
import extend_path
import gio
from code.giss_data import valid, MISSING
class Fatal(Exception):
    def convert(s):
            return int(s)
            return MISSING
      [p-q for p,q in zip(stations[0].series, stations[1].series)
        if p != MISSING and q != MISSING])
    difference.uid = labels[2]
    w = gio.GHCNV2Writer(file=open(out.name, 'a'))

src/c/c/ccc-gistemp-0.6.1/CCCgistemp/tool/ukmetv2.py   ccc-gistemp(Download)
# Clear Climate Code
import extend_path
from code.giss_data import MISSING
import gio
            maxs[m] = convert1(tmax)
        means = [(tmin+tmax)/2.0 for tmin,tmax in zip(mins,maxs)]
        means = [x if x < 1000 else MISSING for x in means]
        mins = [x if x < 1000 else MISSING for x in mins]
        maxs = [x if x < 1000 else MISSING for x in maxs]

src/c/c/ccc-gistemp-0.6.1/CCCgistemp/tool/subboxpng.py   ccc-gistemp(Download)
import extend_path
from code import eqarea
from code.giss_data import MISSING
def topng(inp, date=None):
        assert record.first_year == base_year
        if i >= len(record.series):
            yield MISSING, box
            yield record.series[i], box
    scale = [(-4, (0,0,255)), (0, (255,255,255)), (4, (255,0,0))]
    if v == MISSING:
        return (128,128,128)

src/c/c/ccc-gistemp-0.6.1/CCCgistemp/tool/kml.py   ccc-gistemp(Download)
import extend_path
# Clear Climate Code
from code.giss_data import MISSING
                # Calculate first year with data (with yearly anomaly
                # really).
                first = [i for i,v in enumerate(anom) if v != MISSING]
                if first:
                    first = str(first[0]+1880)
    def treat(datum):
        """Convert datum to string form."""
        if datum == MISSING:
            return '-999'