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src/q/i/qiime-1.8.0/qiime/pick_otus.py   qiime(Download)
from cogent.core.sequence import DnaSequence
from cogent.util.misc import remove_files
from cogent import LoadSeqs, DNA, Alignment
from cogent.util.trie import build_prefix_map
from cogent.util.misc import flatten

src/c/h/checkmyclones-0.0.10/src/clonechecker/align.py   checkmyclones(Download)
from cogent.align.algorithm import sw_align
from cogent import Alignment
from cogent.core.sequence import SequenceI
#from cogent.parse.record import FileFormatError
class CloneAlignment(Alignment):
    Class for representing two pycogent Sequence objects aligned
        with Smith-Waterman algorithm
    has some methods for judging alignment