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src/e/e/eebprogramming-HEAD/lec10review/7ncbi.py   eebprogramming(Download)
records = db[query].readlines()
import re
from cogent.parse.genbank import RichGenbankParser
parser = RichGenbankParser(records)
acc2seq = {}

src/p/y/pycogent-HEAD/tests/test_parse/test_genbank.py   pycogent(Download)
#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Unit tests for the GenBank database parsers.
from cogent.parse.genbank import parse_locus, parse_single_line, \
    indent_splitter, parse_sequence, block_consolidator, parse_organism, \
            seq.addAnnotation(Feature, "CDS", name, spans)
        parser = RichGenbankParser(open('data/annotated_seq.gb'),