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Build a HTML report for the given XML bench results file

        def build_html_report(options, xml_file):
    """Build a HTML report for the given XML bench results file"""
    options.xml_file = xml_file
    options.html = True
    xml_parser = ReportBuilder.FunkLoadXmlParser()
    utils.trace("Creating html report ...")
    html_path = ReportRenderHtml.RenderHtml(
        xml_parser.config, xml_parser.stats,
        xml_parser.error, xml_parser.monitor,
    report = os.path.dirname(html_path)
              os.path.join(report, 'funkload.log'))
    assert os.path.isfile(os.path.join(report, 'funkload.xml'))
    utils.trace("done: \n")
    utils.trace("file://%s\n" % html_path)
    return report

src/c/o/collective.funkload-0.3/src/collective/funkload/label.py   collective.funkload(Download)
            if not os.path.isfile(
                os.path.join(abs_path, 'funkload.xml')):
                abs_path = report.build_html_report(options, abs_path)
                path = os.path.basename(abs_path)