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Factory for creating i18n messages.

src/c/o/collective.geo.flexitopic-0.5/collective/geo/flexitopic/portlets/fleximapportlet.py   collective.geo.flexitopic(Download)
from plone.app.form.widgets.uberselectionwidget import UberSelectionWidget
from collective.geo.flexitopic import flexitopicMessageFactory as _
from zope.i18nmessageid import MessageFactory
    show_table = schema.Bool(title=_(u"Show table"),
                description=_(u"Uncheck if you want to hide the resultstable"),
    def title(self):
        """This property is used to give the title of the portlet in the
        "manage portlets" screen.
        return _(u"Flexitopic map portlet")
    form_fields['target_collection'].custom_widget = UberSelectionWidget
    label = _(u"Add Flexitopic Portlet")
    description = _(u""" You can search the collection and the map
                    with the fields you provided in the topic criteria.