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src/c/o/collective.geo.mapwidget-2.1.2/src/collective/geo/mapwidget/interfaces.py   collective.geo.mapwidget(Download)
from zope.interface import Interface
from zope.interface.common.mapping import IEnumerableMapping
from zope import schema
from collective.geo.mapwidget import GeoMapwidgetMessageFactory as _
    js = schema.TextLine(
        title=_(u"Javascript to configure layers."),
        description=_("Returns some js-code to set up available layers."),
    mapid = schema.TextLine(
        title=_(u"Map id"),
        description=_(u"Used to identify the map in the dom-tree and to "\
                      u"lookup an IMapWidget component if necessary."),

src/c/o/collective.geo.mapwidget-2.1.2/src/collective/geo/mapwidget/maplayers.py   collective.geo.mapwidget(Download)
from collective.geo.mapwidget.interfaces import IDefaultMapLayers
from collective.geo.mapwidget import GeoMapwidgetMessageFactory as _
from collective.geo.mapwidget import utils
class OSMMapLayer(MapLayer):
    name = u"osm"
    Title = _(u"OpenStreetMap")
class BingStreetMapLayer(BingMapLayer):
    name = u"bing_map"
    Title = _(u"Bing")
    #type = 'bing'
class BingRoadsMapLayer(BingMapLayer):
    name = u"bing_rod"
    Title = _(u"Bing Roads")
class BingAerialMapLayer(BingMapLayer):
    name = u"bing_aer"
    Title = _(u"Bing Aerial")
    #type = 'bing'

src/c/o/collective.geo.mapwidget-2.1.2/src/collective/geo/mapwidget/browser/controlpanel.py   collective.geo.mapwidget(Download)
from collective.geo.mapwidget.maplayers import MapLayer
from collective.geo.mapwidget import GeoMapwidgetMessageFactory as _
class GeopointForm(subform.EditSubForm):
    heading = _(u"Default map position")
    contents_top = _(
        u"Set the centre point and the zoom level of the map "
        u"used when the system cannot use any other point to center the map "
class GeoStylesGroup(group.Group):
    label = _(u"Style")
    description = _(u"Set default styles for geographical shapes")