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Split a tag into (category, tag) parts. category may be None.

        def split(tag):
    """Split a tag into (category, tag) parts. category may be None.
    parts = tag.split(CATEGORY_DELIMITER)
    if len(parts) == 1:
        return None, tag
        return parts[0], CATEGORY_DELIMITER.join(parts[1:])

src/c/o/collective.gtags-1.0b2/collective/gtags/field.py   collective.gtags(Download)
from collective.gtags.interfaces import ITags, ITagSettings
from collective.gtags.source import TagsSourceBinder
from collective.gtags.utils import split
from collective.gtags import MessageFactory as _
        for tag in tags:
            category, value = split(tag)
            if not allow_uncommon and tag not in allowed_tags: