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src/c/o/comics-HEAD/comics/aggregator/crawler.py   comics(Download)
from comics.aggregator.feedparser import FeedParser
from comics.aggregator.lxmlparser import LxmlParser
# For testability
    def parse_page(self, page_url):
        if page_url not in self.pages:
            self.pages[page_url] = LxmlParser(page_url, headers=self.headers)
        return self.pages[page_url]

src/c/o/comics-HEAD/comics/aggregator/feedparser.py   comics(Download)
import warnings
from comics.aggregator.lxmlparser import LxmlParser
    def html(self, string):
        if isinstance(string, str) and self.encoding is not None:
            string = string.decode(self.encoding)
        return LxmlParser(string=string)