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src/s/a/sastool-0.3.0/sastool/classes/exposure.py   sastool(Download)
from .header import SASHeader
from .common import SASExposureException
from .curve import SASCurve, SASAzimuthalCurve, SASPixelCurve
from .mask import SASMask
    def _autoguess_experiment_type(cls, fileformat_or_name):
        plugin = [p for p in cls._plugins if p.check_if_applies(fileformat_or_name)]
        if not plugin:
            raise SASExposureException('Cannot find appropriate IO plugin for file ' + fileformat_or_name)
        return plugin[0]
        if self.mask is None:
            if isfatal:
                raise SASExposureException('mask not defined')  # IGNORE:W0710
                return False
        if self.mask.shape != self.shape:
            if isfatal:
                raise SASExposureException('mask is of incompatible shape!')
        if missing:
            if isfatal:
                raise SASExposureException('Fields missing from header: ' + str(missing))  # IGNORE:W0710
                return missing