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src/c/o/corunner-1.0.7/corunner/FileTransporter.py   corunner(Download)
	def execute(self):
		pool = threadpool.SimpleThreadPool(self.nWorker)
			for snode in self.snodes:
				pool.addTask(TransportTask(snode, self.source, self.target, self.isOut, self.divideTarget))

src/c/o/corunner-1.0.7/corunner/TaskController.py   corunner(Download)
			# None blocking, the queue size is unlimited. This is resonable for the node number can not be too large(ten thousands of?). 
			for snode in self.snodes:
				pool.addTask(ExecuteTask(snode, self.programFile, mainProgram, args, self.config))
			if self.config.reportInterval > 0:
				while True: