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Interface to be implemented by clients.  The RCS parser calls this as
it parses the RCS file.

All these methods have stub implementations that do nothing, so you only
have to override the callbacks that you care about.

src/c/v/cvs2svn-HEAD/cvs2svn_rcsparse/debug.py   cvs2svn(Download)
class DebugSink(common.Sink):
  def set_head_revision(self, revision):
    print 'head:', revision
  def set_principal_branch(self, branch_name):
class DumpSink(common.Sink):
  """Dump all the parse information directly to stdout.
  The output is relatively unformatted and untagged. It is intended as a
  raw dump of the data in the RCS file. A copy can be saved, then changes
def time_file(fname):
  f = open(fname, 'rb')
  s = common.Sink()
  t = time.time()
  parse(f, s)