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src/a/q/aquilon-HEAD/tests/scale/add_rack.py   aquilon(Download)
            "--model", "rs g8000", "--interface", "xge49",
            "--rackrow", rack.row, "--rackcolumn", rack.column,
            "--mac", network.get_mac(0), "--ip", network.get_ip(0)])
        domain = "testdom_odd" if rackid % 2 else "testdom_even"
        for offset in range(1, 49):
                          "--mac", network.get_mac(offset)])
            host = rack.get_host(half, offset)
            print "Adding host %s with %s" % (host, network.get_ip(offset))
            rc = aq.wait(["add", "host", "--machine", machine,
                          "--hostname", host, "--archetype", "aquilon",
                          "--domain", domain, "--buildstatus", "blind",
                          "--ip", network.get_ip(offset)])

src/a/q/aquilon-HEAD/tests/scale/update_rack.py   aquilon(Download)
        rc = aq.wait(["update", "interface", "--machine", tor_switch,
            "--interface", "xge49",
            "--mac", newnetwork.get_mac(0), "--ip", newnetwork.get_ip(0)])
        for offset in range(1, 49):
            machine = rack.get_machine(half, offset)
            print "Updating machine %s" % machine
            rc = aq.wait(["update", "interface", "--machine", machine,
                "--interface", "eth0", "--mac", newnetwork.get_mac(offset),
                "--ip", newnetwork.get_ip(offset)])