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Subclass of BaseCase with a single transaction, rolled-back at the end of
each test (method).

src/o/p/openerp-core-7.0.406/openerp/tests/test_orm.py   openerp-core(Download)
class TestORM(common.TransactionCase):
    """ test special behaviors of ORM CRUD functions
        TODO: use real Exceptions types instead of Exception """
class TestInherits(common.TransactionCase):
    """ test the behavior of the orm for models that use _inherits;
        specifically: res.users, that inherits from res.partner
class TestO2MSerialization(common.TransactionCase):
    """ test the orm method 'write' on one2many fields """
    def setUp(self):
        super(TestO2MSerialization, self).setUp()

src/o/p/openerp-core-7.0.406/openerp/tests/test_fields.py   openerp-core(Download)
class TestRelatedField(common.TransactionCase):
    def setUp(self):
        super(TestRelatedField, self).setUp()
        self.partner = self.registry('res.partner')

src/o/p/openerp-core-7.0.406/openerp/tests/test_basecase.py   openerp-core(Download)
class test_transaction_case(common.TransactionCase):
    Check the per-method transaction behavior of TransactionCase.

src/o/p/openerp-core-7.0.406/openerp/tests/test_acl.py   openerp-core(Download)
class TestACL(common.TransactionCase):
    def setUp(self):
        super(TestACL, self).setUp()
        self.res_currency = self.registry('res.currency')