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src/s/l/sluggerml-HEAD/wsgi.py   sluggerml(Download)
import re
from common import load_bayes_from_file, UNK
                tpl = (fname,
                       sorted([ k for k in valdict.keys() if k != UNK ],

src/s/l/sluggerml-HEAD/08buildcharts.py   sluggerml(Download)
import sys
from common import UNK
def build_chart(feature_name, data, category_names, output_dir):
def dump_feature(feature_name, value_dict, output_dir):
    # drop insignificant features
    value_dict.pop(UNK, None)
    # HACK: apparently game_temp = 0 is the same as <UNK>
    if feature_name == "game_temp":