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src/w/e/webscraping-1.4/xpath.py   webscraping(Download)
        if tag == '..':
            # parent
            raise common.WebScrapingError('.. not yet supported')
        elif tag == 'text()':
                                attributes.append((match.groups()[0].lower(), None))
                                raise common.WebScrapingError('Unknown format: ' + attribute)
                tag = token
        # XXX search with attribute here
        if tag == '*':
            raise common.WebScrapingError("`*' not currently supported for //")
        for match in re.compile('<%s' % tag, re.DOTALL | re.IGNORECASE).finditer(html):
            tag_html = html[match.start():]
    def submit(self, D, action=''):
        action = action or self.action
        if not action:
            raise common.WebScrapingError('URL action to submit form is unknown')
        return D.get(url=action, data=self.data)

src/w/e/webscraping-1.4/alg.py   webscraping(Download)
        return arc * 3960
        raise common.WebScrapingError('Invalid scale: %s' % str(scale))