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Exception class used for most errors encountered in the ZS
package. (Though we do sometimes raise exceptions of the standard Python
types like :class:`IOError`, :class:`ValueError`, etc.)

src/z/s/zs-0.9.0/zs/reader.py   zs(Download)
from .futures import SerialExecutor, ProcessPoolExecutor
from .common import (ZSError,
    def _check_closed(self):
        if self._closed:
            raise ZSError("attemped operation on closed ZS file")
    def _get_header(self):

src/z/s/zs-0.9.0/zs/transport.py   zs(Download)
import requests
from .common import ZSError
class FileTransport(object):
            offset = int(match.group(1))
        if offset != desired_offset:
            raise ZSError("HTTP server did not respect Range: request")
        if match and match.group(2) != "*":
            self._length = int(match.group(2))

src/z/s/zs-0.9.0/zs/__init__.py   zs(Download)
# This file is part of ZS
# Copyright (C) 2013-2014 Nathaniel Smith <njs@pobox.com>
# See file LICENSE.txt for license information.
from .common import ZSError, ZSCorrupt