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        def any(sequence):
    for element in sequence:
        if element:
            return True
    return False

src/i/n/infogami-HEAD/infogami/infobase/readquery.py   infogami(Download)
import common
from common import all, any
import web
import re
import _json as simplejson
    def assert_type_required(self):
        type_required = any(c.key not in common.COMMON_PROPERTIES for c in self.conditions if not isinstance(c, Query))
        if type_required and self.get_type() is None:
            raise common.BadData(message="missing 'type' in query")

src/a/t/atropine-0.2/atropine/special.py   atropine(Download)
from common import any, all, Collect, CannotResolve
def collect(key, onlytext=False, alltext=False):
    a = (onlytext, alltext)
    assert any(a) and not all(a)

src/i/n/infogami-HEAD/infogami/infobase/writequery.py   infogami(Download)
import common
from common import pprint, any, all
import web