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src/e/t/ete-HEAD/tools/ete_tools/ete_view.py   ete(Download)
    # dest - The name of the attribute to be added to the object returned by parse_args().
    input_gr = parser.add_argument_group("TREE INPUT OPTIONS\n=================")
    input_gr.add_argument('tree', metavar='tree_file', type=str, nargs=1,
                        help="""Process newick as raxml bootstrap values""")
    img_gr = parser.add_argument_group("TREE IMAGE OPTIONS\n=================")
    img_gr.add_argument("-m", "--mode", dest="mode", 
                        help="""Show the name attribute of all internal nodes.""")
    edit_gr = parser.add_argument_group("TREE EDIT OPTIONS\n=================")
    edit_gr.add_argument("-r", "--root", dest="root", 
                         help="""If the attribute rank is present in nodes """)
    phylo_gr = parser.add_argument_group("PHYLOGENETIC OPTIONS\n=================")
    phylo_gr.add_argument("--alg", dest="alg",