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src/d/o/douban-quixote-HEAD/quixote/ptl_compile.py   douban-quixote(Download)
            # the function and a "return IO_INSTANCE" at the end.
            if args[0] == symbol.varargslist:
                names, defaults, flags = self.com_arglist(args[1:])
                names = defaults = ()

src/s/y/sympy-polys-HEAD/sympy/core/ast_parser_python24.py   sympy-polys(Download)
    def lambdef(self, nodelist):
        #this is python stdlib symbol, not SymPy symbol:
        from sympy import stdlib_symbol
        if nodelist[2][0] == stdlib_symbol.varargslist:
            names, defaults, flags = self.com_arglist(nodelist[2][1:])