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src/b/u/Buggery-HEAD/buggery/idebug.py   Buggery(Download)
import comtypes
import ctypes as ct
from comtypes import CoClass, GUID
from comtypes.hresult import S_OK, S_FALSE
    def IDebugOutputCallbacks_Output(self, mask, text):
        self._proxy.onOutput(mask, text)
        return S_OK
    def wait_for_event(self, timeout_ms=-1):
        retval = self._control.WaitForEvent(0, timeout_ms)
        if retval != S_OK:
            raise RuntimeError("Something fucked up: %d" % retval)
                    desc, ct.sizeof(desc), ct.byref(desc_used))
        if hresult != S_OK:
            raise RuntimeError("Ffuuuuuuuuuck: %d" % hresult)
        return (typ.value, pid.value, tid.value, extra.raw[:extra_used.value])
    def is_pointer_64bit(self):
        return self._control.IsPointer64Bit() == S_OK
    def add_extension(self, path):
        return self._control.AddExtention(path, 0)

src/b/u/Buggery-HEAD/buggery/utils.py   Buggery(Download)
from comtypes import HRESULT, COMError
from comtypes.client import CreateObject, GetEvents, ShowEvents
from comtypes.hresult import S_OK
from comtypes.automation import IID
        idebug_client_ptr = POINTER(POINTER(DbgEng.IDebugClient))(idebug_client)
        hr = debug_create_func(DbgEng.IDebugClient._iid_, idebug_client_ptr)
        if (hr != S_OK):
            raise DebuggerException("DebugCreate() failed with %x" % hr)
        return idebug_client

src/n/v/nvda-HEAD/source/NVDAObjects/IAccessible/__init__.py   nvda(Download)
		# The client allocated relations array is an [out] parameter instead of [in, out], so we need to use the raw COM method.
		res = self.IAccessibleObject._IAccessible2__com__get_relations(size, relations, ctypes.byref(count))
		if res != comtypes.hresult.S_OK:
			raise NotImplementedError
		return list(relations)

src/c/o/comtypes-1.0.0/comtypes/test/TestDispServer.py   comtypes(Download)
import comtypes
from comtypes.hresult import S_OK
import comtypes.server.connectionpoints
        ##presult[0].value = eval(expr)
        self.Fire_Event(0, "EvalCompleted", expr, presult[0].value)
        return S_OK
    def DTestDispServer_eval2(self, expr):
    def DTestDispServer__get_id(self, this, pid):
        pid[0] = id(self)
        return S_OK
    def DTestDispServer_Exec(self, this, what):
        return S_OK
    def DTestDispServer__get_name(self, this, pname):
        pname[0] = self._name
        return S_OK
    # Implementation of the DTestDispServer::Name propput