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src/c/o/conceptdb-HEAD/conceptdb/util.py   conceptdb(Download)
from conceptdb import ConceptDBDocument, to_json
def ensure_reference(obj):
    Take in an object and get a string representing its ID. If it's already

src/c/o/conceptdb-HEAD/conceptdb/api/handlers.py   conceptdb(Download)
from conceptdb.justify import ReasonConjunction
from conceptdb.freebase_imports import MQLQuery
from conceptdb import ConceptDBDocument
from conceptdb.db_merge import merge
import conceptdb

src/c/o/conceptdb-HEAD/conceptdb/justify.py   conceptdb(Download)
import mongoengine as mon
from conceptdb import ConceptDBDocument
from conceptdb.util import ensure_reference, dereference
from log import Log
import numpy as np
class ReasonConjunction(ConceptDBDocument, mon.Document):
    A ReasonConjunction is used to connect justifications to the things they
class ConceptDBJustified(ConceptDBDocument):
    Documents that inherit from this gain some convenience methods for updating
    their Justifications.
class ConfidenceValue(ConceptDBDocument, mon.Document):
    The ConfidenceValue table is stored externally so that:
    - Lots of confidence values can be updated at once without sending large

src/c/o/conceptdb-HEAD/conceptdb/metadata.py   conceptdb(Download)
from csc.nl import get_nl
from conceptdb import ConceptDBDocument
from conceptdb.justify import ConceptDBJustified
from mongoengine.queryset import DoesNotExist
import mongoengine as mon
class Dataset(ConceptDBDocument, mon.Document):

src/c/o/conceptdb-HEAD/conceptdb/assertion.py   conceptdb(Download)
from conceptdb.metadata import Dataset
from conceptdb.util import outer_iter
from conceptdb import ConceptDBDocument
BLANK = '*'