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src/c/o/concurrence-HEAD/lib/concurrence/web/application.py   concurrence(Download)
from webob import Request, Response
from concurrence import TaskInstance
from concurrence.wsgi import WSGIServer, WSGISimpleResponse
class Application(object):
    log = logging.getLogger('Application')
    _scoped_response = TaskInstance(True)
    _scoped_request = TaskInstance(True)

src/c/o/concurrence-HEAD/test/testlocal.py   concurrence(Download)
import time
from concurrence import unittest, Tasklet, TaskLocal, TaskInstance
class TestTaskLocal(unittest.TestCase):
    def testTaskInstance(self):
        AdderInstance = TaskInstance(True)
    def testTaskInstance2(self):
        AdderInstance = TaskInstance(True)
        with AdderInstance.set(Adder(10)):