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src/c/o/concurrence-HEAD/lib/concurrence/memcache/client.py   concurrence(Download)
from concurrence.io.socket import Socket
from concurrence.io.buffered import BufferedStream
from concurrence.containers.deque import Deque
import cPickle as pickle
    def connect(self, addr):
        assert self._stream is None, "must not be disconneted before connecting"
        self._stream = BufferedStream(Socket.connect(addr, Timeout.current()))
        self._command_queue = Deque()
        self._response_queue = Deque()

src/c/o/concurrence-HEAD/scripts/httpperf.py   concurrence(Download)
from concurrence.http.client import HTTPConnection
from concurrence.statistic import gamma_filter
from concurrence.containers.deque import Deque
from optparse import OptionParser
    def session(self, host, port, path):
        cnn = None
        pipeline_tokens = Deque()

src/c/o/concurrence-HEAD/test/testdeque.py   concurrence(Download)
import time
from concurrence import dispatch, Tasklet, TimeoutError, unittest
from concurrence.containers.deque import Deque
class TestDeque(unittest.TestCase):
    def testNonBlock(self):
        d = Deque()
        self.assertEqual(20, d.popleft())
        d = Deque()
        self.assertEqual(20, d.pop())
        self.assertEqual(10, d.pop())
    def testBlock(self):
        d = Deque()
    def testBlock2(self):
        d = Deque()
        Tasklet.later(0.5, d.append)(10)
        Tasklet.later(1.0, d.append)(20)