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src/d/r/droned-HEAD/droned/lib/droned/models/droneserver.py   droned(Download)
  def __init__(self, server):
    self.server = server
    self.port = config.DRONED_PORT
    #if this is a remote server use the blaster protocol
    if self.server.hostname != config.HOSTNAME:

src/d/r/droned-HEAD/droned/services/drone.py   droned(Download)
        site = DroneSite(dr, **kwargs)
        service = internet.TCPServer(config.DRONED_PORT, site) 

src/d/r/droned-HEAD/droned/lib/droned/responders/core.py   droned(Download)
    if not regex:
        doc_url = "http://%s:%d/doc/index.html" % (config.HOSTNAME, config.DRONED_PORT)
        conversation.say("For more information read my online documentation at %s" % doc_url)