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Options sent in the HLO message.

src/p/a/Parlance-1.4.1/parlance/server.py   Parlance(Download)
from time       import time
from config     import GameOptions, VerboseObject, bots, variants
from functions  import defaultdict, expand_list, \
        instances, num2name, s, timestamp, version_string
        self.server = server
        self.game_id = game_id
        self.game_options = GameOptions()
        self.prefix = 'Historian %s' % game_id
        self.judge = None

src/p/a/Parlance-1.4.1/parlance/player.py   Parlance(Download)
from time       import ctime
from config     import GameOptions, VerboseObject, variants
from functions  import s, version_string
from gameboard  import Map, Turn, Variant
        self.rep      = representation   # The representation message
        self.game_id  = game_id          # A specific game to connect to
        self.game_opts= GameOptions()    # Variant options for the current game
        self.closed   = False  # Whether the connection has ended, or should end
        self.map      = None   # The game board