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src/v/a/vanellope-HEAD/vanellope/__init__.py   vanellope(Download)
	def __init__(self, Subject=None, To=None, Body=None):
		self.url = config.MAIL_API_URL
		self.auth = config.MAIL_API_AUTH
		self.mail_from = config.MAIL_FROM
		self.mail_to = To

src/r/i/riverid-python-HEAD/api/api.py   riverid-python(Download)
# along with RiverID.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
from config import INFO_URL, MAIL_FROM, NAME, SALT
from datetime import datetime
from mail import Mail
        if mailfrom is None:
            mailfrom = MAIL_FROM
        token = Secret.generate(16)
        if mailfrom is None:
            mailfrom = MAIL_FROM
        if self.user.exists(email):