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src/a/d/AdminCraft-HEAD/admincraft/views.py   AdminCraft(Download)
    #Open and read -10 lines from the server.log file into object. Used to get last line for activeUsers below.
    loggingFile = config.MINECRAFTDIR + config.SERVERLOG
    loggingFile = open(loggingFile, "r")
    logging = loggingFile.readlines()[-10:]
    #Read ops.txt to display Server Operators on Users section.
    opsFile = config.MINECRAFTDIR + config.SERVEROPS
    #Read white-list.txt to display Whitelisted on Users section.
    whiteListFile = config.MINECRAFTDIR + config.WHITELIST
    whiteListUsers = open(whiteListFile, "r").readlines()
    #Read banned-ips.txt to display Banned IPs on Users section.
    bannedIPsFile = config.MINECRAFTDIR + config.BANNEDIPS
    #NOTE: if the user edits their server configuration file, the last two lines may not be what
    #you are expecting.
    propertiesFile = config.MINECRAFTDIR + config.SERVERPROPERTIES
    properties = open(propertiesFile, "r").readlines()[2:]

src/a/d/AdminCraft-HEAD/admincraft/tasks.py   AdminCraft(Download)
def runBackupJobs():
    print "Running backup..."
    src = config.MINECRAFTDIR + "world"
    dst = config.BACKUPDIR + "world"