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src/p/y/pyano-0.6b/pyano/interface.py   pyano(Download)
from validate import InputError
from config import ConfigError, conf, parse_config, NONE, RANDOM
from stats import stats, parse_stats, format_stats, uptime_sort
from security import SecurityError, check_ip
        for i in range(0, conf.chain_max_length):
            out += '          <select name="chain'+str(i)+'">\n'
            out += '            <option value="'+NONE+'"></option>\n'
            out += '            <option value="'+RANDOM+'">Random</option>\n'
            for remailer in uptime_sort():

src/p/y/pyano-0.6b/pyano/validate.py   pyano(Download)
from stats import stats, bad_mail2news
from config import conf, NONE, RANDOM, POST
        remailer = str(fs[chain_str])
        if remailer == NONE: # empty remailer, we stop the chain
        elif remailer == RANDOM: