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src/w/s/wsgid-0.9/wsgid/main.py   wsgid(Download)
from daemon import DaemonAlreadyRunningError, DaemonNotRunningError, \
    WSGIDaemon, stop_daemon, create_logger, WSGIRunner
from config import Config, Option
options = [
    Option('config_file', 'The configuration file', '', 'c'),
    Option('pidfile', 'The PID file', '', 'p'),
    Option('stop', 'Stop the server.', False, 's', bool, action='store_true'),
    Option('application', 'The WSGI Applciation instance to import', '', 'a'),

src/s/a/Sanescript-0.6.1/sanescript/script.py   Sanescript(Download)
import sys, os
from config import Config, Option
from parsing import Parser
class Script(object):
    pre_options = [
        Option('config_file', help='The config file to use'),

src/c/e/certmaster-HEAD/certmaster/commonconfig.py   certmaster(Download)
from config import BaseConfig, BoolOption, IntOption, Option
class CMConfig(BaseConfig):
    log_level = Option('INFO')
    listen_addr = Option('')
    listen_port = IntOption(51235)
    cadir = Option('/etc/pki/certmaster/ca')
    cert_dir = Option('/etc/pki/certmaster')

src/s/a/Sanescript-0.6.1/sanescript/__init__.py   Sanescript(Download)
from main import register, main
from config import Config, Option, UNSET
from script import Script, Command
from processing import processors