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float(x) -> floating point number

Convert a string or number to a floating point number, if possible.

src/t/w/TwistedBot-HEAD/twistedbot/entities.py   TwistedBot(Download)
class EntityPlayer(EntityLiving):
    width = config.PLAYER_WIDTH
    height = config.PLAYER_HEIGHT
    def __init__(self, world=None, username=None, held_item=None, **kwargs):

src/t/w/TwistedBot-HEAD/twistedbot/pathfinding.py   TwistedBot(Download)
    def is_goal(self, current):
        x = current.coords.x
        y = current.coords.y
        z = current.coords.z
        return self.bb.collides(AABB(x, y, z, x + 1, y + config.PLAYER_HEIGHT, z + 1))

src/t/w/TwistedBot-HEAD/twistedbot/axisbox.py   TwistedBot(Download)
            coords.z - config.PLAYER_RADIUS,
            coords.x + config.PLAYER_RADIUS,
            coords.y + config.PLAYER_HEIGHT,
            coords.z + config.PLAYER_RADIUS)