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str(object='') -> string

Return a nice string representation of the object.
If the argument is a string, the return value is the same object.

src/p/y/pyano-0.6b/pyano/validate.py   pyano(Download)
from stats import stats, bad_mail2news
from config import conf, NONE, RANDOM, POST
            raise InputError('Cannot select a "middleman" remailer as your final remailer.')
        if m2n: # this is a news article
            if m2n == POST and not stats[last].post: # make sure that final remailer can post to newsgroups
                raise InputError(last+'does not have the "post" option configured.')
            elif m2n in bad_mail2news: # make sure that we are not using an incompatible exit node and mail2news gateway

src/p/y/pyano-0.6b/pyano/news.py   pyano(Download)
from validate import *
from config import conf, POST
from interface import MixInterface
from stats import bad_mail2news, format_bad_mail2news, mail2news_pref_sort
            mail2news = str(self.fs['mail2news'])
            if mail2news != POST:
        hashcash = str(self.fs['hashcash']).strip()
            msg += 'a random remailer chain'
        if mail2news != POST:
            msg += ' with mail2news gateway '+mail2news+'.'

src/p/y/pyano-0.6b/pyano/stats.py   pyano(Download)
import re
from config import conf, POST
class RemailerStats:
                    bad = True
                if gateway == 'Post:':
                    gateway = POST
                if not gateway in bad_mail2news:
                    bad_mail2news[gateway] = set([])

src/p/y/pyano-0.6b/pyano/mix.py   pyano(Download)
import subprocess
from config import conf, POST
class MixError(Exception):
    if no_archive:
        args.append('--header=X-No-Archive: yes')
    if mail2news != POST: # user supplied mail2news gateways
        args.append('--header=Newsgroups: '+newsgroups)