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src/y/a/YaBlog-HEAD/tools.py   YaBlog(Download)
    posts = Post.query.all()
    print("%s posts to be exported." % len(posts))
    if not path.exists('%s/md' % config.PROJDIR):
        os.mkdir("%s/md" % config.PROJDIR)
    for post in posts:
        fname = "%s/md/%s-%s.md" % (
            config.PROJDIR, post.created.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'), post.slug)
        if post.type == Post.TYPE_POST:
            if not path.exists('%s/md/%s' % (config.PROJDIR, post.category.title)):
                os.mkdir('%s/md/%s' % (config.PROJDIR, post.category.title))

src/w/e/wechat-bot-HEAD/app.py   wechat-bot(Download)
def main():
    if options.debug:
        define('settings', '%s/wechat.conf' % config.PROJDIR)
        define('settings', '')