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str(object='') -> string

Return a nice string representation of the object.
If the argument is a string, the return value is the same object.

src/m/r/mr-ray-open-HEAD/renderWave.py   mr-ray-open(Download)
                            'robot_ident'           :   config.ROBOT_IDENT,
                            'robot_domain'          :   config.ROBOT_DOMAIN,
                            'proxy_for_at_replace'  :   config.PROXY_FOR_AT_REPLACE,
                            'public_email'          :   base64.b64encode(config.PUBLIC_EMAIL)}
        path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'templates/renderwave.html')

src/m/r/mr-ray-open-HEAD/utils.py   mr-ray-open(Download)
    @return the proxy for email with banned chars stripped
    return email.replace("@", config.PROXY_FOR_AT_REPLACE)
def getEmailFromProxyFor(proxyfor):
    @return the original email address
    index = proxyfor.rfind(config.PROXY_FOR_AT_REPLACE)
    if index == -1:
        return proxyfor
        return proxyfor[0:index] + "@" + proxyfor[index+len(config.PROXY_FOR_AT_REPLACE):len(proxyfor)]
    @return the proxy for email with banned charachters removed
    return name.replace("@", "") + "." + config.PUBLIC_EMAIL.replace("@", config.PROXY_FOR_AT_REPLACE)
def isProxyForPublic(proxyfor):
    @return true only if this is a public email
    index = proxyfor.rfind(config.PROXY_FOR_AT_REPLACE)
    if index == -1:
        reformed = proxyfor