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src/c/a/CaptureMock-1.0.1/capturemock/__init__.py   CaptureMock(Download)
from .capturepython import interceptPython
from .capturecommand import interceptCommand
from .config import CaptureMockReplayError, RECORD, REPLAY, REPLAY_OLD_RECORD_NEW
from . import config, cmdlineutils
        rcFiles = options.rcfiles.split(",")
    mode = options.mode
    if mode == REPLAY and options.replay is None:
        mode = RECORD
    # Start with a fresh file

src/c/a/CaptureMock-1.0.1/capturemock/replayinfo.py   CaptureMock(Download)
    def __init__(self, mode, replayFile, rcHandler):
        self.responseMap = OrderedDict()
        self.diag = logging.getLogger("Replay")
        self.replayItems = set()
        self.replayAll = mode == config.REPLAY