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src/d/r/droned-HEAD/droned/lib/droned/events/jabber.py   droned(Download)
def notify_online(event):
    ready = env.ready
    for agent in Team('support').agents:
        agent.tell("%s droned reporting for duty." % config.ROMEO_ENV_NAME)
        if not ready:
def joinEnvironmentalChatRoom(event):
    """determine if we should join a chatroom"""
    chat = ChatRoom(config.ROMEO_ENV_NAME)
    #make sure the drone can be managed by the room
    username = config.ROMEO_ENV_NAME

src/d/r/droned-HEAD/droned/lib/droned/models/environment.py   droned(Download)
class Environment(Entity):
    name = property(lambda self: config.ROMEO_ENV_NAME)
    environment = property(lambda self: config.ROMEO_ENV_OBJECT)
    servers = property(lambda self: (server for server in Server.objects if not server.unreachable))
    badServers = property(lambda self: (server for server in Server.objects if server.unreachable))