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        def parseoptions(argv, addoptions=addoptions):
    parser = MyArgumentParser(
        description="Start a server which serves multiples users and "
                    "indices. The special root/pypi index is a real-time "
                    "mirror of pypi.python.org and is created by default. "
                    "All indices are suitable for pip or easy_install usage "
                    "and setup.py upload ... invocations."

    raw = [str(x) for x in argv[1:]]
    args = parser.parse_args(raw)
    args._raw = raw
    config = Config(args)
    return config

src/d/e/devpi-server-1.2.2/devpi_server/main.py   devpi-server(Download)
from devpi_common.types import cached_property
from devpi_common.request import new_requests_session
from .config import parseoptions, configure_logging
from .extpypi import XMLProxy
from . import __version__ as server_version
    argv = [str(x) for x in argv]
    config = parseoptions(argv)
    args = config.args
def make_application():
    """ entry point for making an application object with defaults. """
    config = parseoptions([])
    return XOM(config).create_app()