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src/b/i/bing_search_naive_bayes-HEAD/train_with_fetched_web_pages.py   bing_search_naive_bayes(Download)
    pages = []
    for i in range(constants.NUM_OF_FETCHED_PAGES):
        with open('%s_%s.html' % (constants.QUERY, str(i)), 'r') as f:
            page = WebPage()
            page.html_body = f.read()
        nb = NaiveBayes()
    for page in pages:
        nb.train(page.html_body, constants.QUERY)
    # せっかく学習させたんだから保存しよう
    with open(pkl_nb_path, 'wb') as f:

src/b/i/bing_search_naive_bayes-HEAD/fetch_web_pages.py   bing_search_naive_bayes(Download)
    results = bing.web_search(query=constants.QUERY, num_of_results=constants.NUM_OF_FETCHED_PAGES, keys=['Url'])
    for i, result in enumerate(results):
        page = WebPage(result['Url'])
        f = open('%s_%s.html' % (constants.QUERY, str(i)), 'w')