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str(object='') -> string

Return a nice string representation of the object.
If the argument is a string, the return value is the same object.

src/c/o/confine-controller-0.10.5/controller/apps/maintenance/admin.py   confine-controller(Download)
from controller.admin.utils import (get_admin_link, colored, admin_link, wrap_admin_view,
    action_to_view, display_timesince)
from controller.utils.html import monospace_format, MONOSPACE_FONTS
from nodes.admin import NodeAdmin
from nodes.models import Node
    def formfield_for_dbfield(self, db_field, **kwargs):
        """ Use monospace font style in script textarea """
        if db_field.name == 'script':
            kwargs['widget'] = forms.Textarea(
                attrs={'cols': 85, 'rows': '10', 'style': 'font-family:%s' % MONOSPACE_FONTS })

src/c/o/confine-controller-0.10.5/controller/apps/firmware/plugins/authkeys.py   confine-controller(Download)
from controller.core.validators import validate_ssh_pubkey
from controller.utils.html import MONOSPACE_FONTS
from controller.utils.system import run
                'of your node.',
                attrs={'cols': 125, 'rows': 10, 'style': 'font-family:%s' % MONOSPACE_FONTS}))
            def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):