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src/p/r/procgraph-1.5/src/procgraph/scripts/pgdoc.py   procgraph(Download)
from ..core.registrar import default_library
from ..core.block import Block
from ..core.block_meta import (split_docstring, FIXED, VARIABLE,
from ..core.import_magic import get_module_info
                        f.write('- ``%s``: %s\n\n' %
                                (i.name, d))
                    elif i.type == VARIABLE:
                        if i.max is None and i.min is None:
                    if o.type == FIXED:
                        f.write('- ``%s``: %s\n\n' % (o.name, d))
                    elif o.type == VARIABLE:
                        f.write('- %s (variable number)\n\n' % d)
                    elif o.type == DEFINED_AT_RUNTIME: