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        def check_action(char, contested, influence, heroic, profession):
    will, gua = ACTION_WILL[heroic, contested]
    avail = char[influence] + char['job%s' % profession]
    return avail >= will, avail >= gua

src/m/a/madiolahb-11.12.07/madiolahb/acting.py   madiolahb(Download)
# HCE Bee
# Copyright 2009 Max Battcher. Licensed for use under the Ms-RL. See LICENSE.
from core import check_action, GUARANTEED_ROLL, INFLUENCES, max_influence, \
    max_recovery, ROLL_EFFECT
import random
    lifewheel['last_influence'] = influence
    cando, is_guaranteed = check_action(lifewheel, False, influence, heroic,
    if not cando:
    self.game.lastinfluence = influence
    cando, is_guaranteed = check_action(self.lifewheel, True, influence, heroic,
    if not cando: