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        def error(message, prefix, label='ERROR: '):
    print prefix + colored.red(label) + message

src/x/s/xsssniper-HEAD/xsssniper.py   xsssniper(Download)
from core.engine import Engine
from core.packages.clint.textui import colored 
from core.cli import success, warning, error
def banner():
            t = Target(options.url, method = 'POST', data = options.post_data)
            error('No POST data specified: use --data', ' |- ')
    # Lets parse options for some proxy setting
    if options.http_proxy is not None and options.tor is True:
        error('No --tor and --http-proxy together!', ' |- ')
    elif options.tor is False and options.http_proxy is not None:
    # User Agent option provided?
    if options.user_agent is not None and options.random_agent is True:
        error('No --user-agent and --random-agent together!', ' |- ')
    elif options.random_agent is False and options.user_agent is not None:
        s.addOption("ua", options.user_agent)