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src/m/o/modrana-HEAD/core/requirements.py   modrana(Download)
    if status is constants.CONNECTIVITY_UNKNOWN: # Connectivity status monitoring not supported
        return status # skip
    elif status is constants.ONLINE:
        return status # Internet connectivity is most probably available
    elif status is constants.OFFLINE:

src/m/o/modrana-HEAD/modules/mod_route/mod_route.py   modrana(Download)
    def _geocodeStartAndDestination(self):
        """Get the address of start and destination coordinates by using geocoding"""
        onlineModule = self.m.get('onlineServices', None)
        connectivity = (self.modrana.dmod.connectivityStatus in (constants.ONLINE, constants.CONNECTIVITY_UNKNOWN))
        if connectivity and onlineModule:

src/m/o/modrana-HEAD/modules/device_modules/device_n900.py   modrana(Download)
        status = constants.CONNECTIVITY_UNKNOWN
        if conic_status == conic.STATUS_CONNECTED:
            status = constants.ONLINE
            #print("CONIC CONNECTED")
        elif conic_status == conic.STATUS_DISCONNECTED:

src/m/o/modrana-HEAD/modules/device_modules/base_device_module.py   modrana(Download)
                        # if destination and mask are 00000000,
                        # it is probably an Internet connection
                        connected = constants.ONLINE
        return connected