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src/m/o/modrana-HEAD/modules/mod_route/routing_providers.py   modrana(Download)
                return RoutingResult(route,
                                     lookupDuration=time.time() - routingStart)
            elif result.type == result.LOAD_FAILED:
        # to modRana Way object
        if directions is not None:
            returnCode = constants.ROUTING_SUCCESS
            route = way.fromGoogleDirectionsResult(directions)

src/m/o/modrana-HEAD/modules/mod_route/mod_route.py   modrana(Download)
    def _handleRoutingResultCB(self, result):
        # remove any previous route description
        self.text = None
        if result.route and result.returnCode == constants.ROUTING_SUCCESS:
            # process and save routing results