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src/a/n/analysis_IM-HEAD/map/tools.py   analysis_IM(Download)
    Map.history = Data.history
    for key in fields_to_copy :
        Map.set_field(key, Data.field[key], 
           Data.field_axes[key], Data.field_formats[key])
    Map.set_field('CTYPE3', 'FREQ--HZ', (), '32A')
    Map.set_field('CTYPE1', 'RA---DEG', (), '32A')
    Map.set_field('CTYPE2', 'DEC--DEG', (), '32A')
    # Copy frequency axis (now the third axis not the first).
    Map.set_field('CRVAL3', Data.field['CRVAL1'], (), 'D')

src/a/n/analysis_IM-HEAD/scripts/map2fits.py   analysis_IM(Download)
    Map_fits = data_map.DataMap(sp.rollaxis(map, 0, 3))
    # Set axis names
    Map_fits.set_field('CTYPE3', 'FREQ--HZ', (), '32A')
    Map_fits.set_field('CTYPE1', 'RA---DEG', (), '32A')
    Map_fits.set_field('CTYPE2', 'DEC--DEG', (), '32A')
    # Copy frequency axis (now the third axis not the first).
    Map_fits.set_field('CRVAL3', map.info['freq_centre'], (), 'D')
    Map_fits.set_field('CRPIX3', new_shape[2]//2+1, (), 'D')